Dundas Peak, Tew’s Falls

I have to say that this park is probably one of the best ones in southern Ontario. There are three main attrations: Dundas Peak, Tew’s Falls, and Webster’s Falls. I would dedicate a full day for this hike so that you can see everything at a leisurely and enjoyable pace. For us, we started quite late in the afternoon, and coupled with us taking the hardest trails in the park, we only got to Dundas Peak and Tew’s Falls before we made the decision to turn back.



From what I have been reading, there is a main parking lot located on 607 Harvest Road, Dundas, ON. Parking is $10 and the entrance fee is $4. Sam and I went on a different route though and did not pay any fees but at the cost of more labour and a little bit of luck.

We parked the truck at a mini parking lot at Sydenham lookout point. There are probably around 4-5 parking spots, so if you choose this route, be wary of that fact. We got really lucky and got a spot right away. From there, we walked towards the side trail that is on Sydenham Rd. Here is a map of where the parking lot is (red arrow) and where the trail begins (dotted gray line). It is marked by a blue sign, “Websters Falls Side Trail”


If you just follow the trail that is marked blue, it is very simple to follow and easy to walk. That being said, there are many, many side trails of varying difficulty levels for those of you who are looking for a challenge. One particularly hard trail is one that will lead you straight down to the bottom of Tew’s Falls. There is a conventional trail from Webster’s Falls side that will take you to the bottom of the falls at a much easier level, but for those looking for a challenge, here’s how to get to the bottom of Tew’s falls:

From Dundas Peak, there are a few lookout points for Tew’s falls. The one that will get you to the bottom though is the lookout point that is past the bridge (the one I’m sitting on).


Once you get to the lookout point, you will know because there will be a main black fence blocking the edge, and shorter wooden fences along the edges. One of the wooden fences looks particularly run-down. That’s the fence that we hopped over. You will then see that there are some rocks you need to climb down (We had to carry Nico down – What a pain!).  From there, there is a ridiculously steep drop off which you need to get down. There are ropes there to help you but I found it much easier to just climb down using rocks and the roots of the trees.


Once you get down, Tew’s falls will be on your left. To get back up, you can either continue right to Webster’s falls (another 40 minutes) or climb back up the hill. After attempting to head to Webster’s falls for another 20 minutes, Sam and I decided to climb back up the hill due to time restrictions.




I find it much easier to climb up than down so it was much faster for us to climb up, until we got to the rocks. Nico, my 85 pound dog who does not like getting picked up, tried to jump up onto the rock but missed and almost fell down the hill. After that, he refused to let Sam pick him up to help him get on the rock. Eventually, Sam had to drag Nico up by the leash, but with Nico struggling to get back down, he nearly dragged Sam right off the rocks and down the hill! Fortunately, I grabbed Sam’s hand before that could happen. Thankfully no one got hurt! Phew!

I can’t even begin to explain how we felt when we finally got back to the top, but they do say that pictures speak a thousand words…


Here’s a short video I made of our trip. (Excuse the amateur filming!)


“You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts



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