Cheap-o-Tips 101

Many people ask me how I can afford all of my trips. I would love to say that I won the lottery and have an endless supply of cash flow but that is unfortunately not the case. The reality is I work for every penny that I spend on my trips, and I am very […]

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Mt. Democrat 2017

“It is not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary Standing at 14,150 ft., climbing Mt. Democrat in the winter is not an easy feat. But with the right gear, mindset, and preparation, it can be a very rewarding climb. We arrived in Alma, Colorado at around 7:30AM on March 2, […]

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Lessons from the Mountains

“No one ever climbed a mountain in one giant step” – Nik Mirhashemi For me, it’s the moment that you ascend above treeline and are completely exposed to the elements that changes things. The wind ripping at your face, the cold tingling through your bones, the air barely giving you enough oxygen to breathe. It’s […]

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Understanding Base Layers

If you want to stay warm this winter, you won’t go very far without a base layer. It is the layer of clothing that you wear closest to your skin. Its purpose┬áis to trap warm air against your body and remove moisture away from your skin. Use this guide to help you decipher the best […]

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Mount Marcy 2016

Oh Marcy. This was our first “real” mountain summit, and it was a good one. Here’s the low down on what you need to know and what gear you need to have to climb Marcy in the spring. The gear (essentials): Waterproof hiking shoes/boots: There is a lot of run-off during the spring so expect […]

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Dundas Peak, Tew’s Falls

I have to say that this park is probably one of the best ones in southern Ontario. There are three main attrations: Dundas Peak, Tew’s Falls, and Webster’s Falls. I would dedicate a full day for this hike so that you can see everything at a leisurely and enjoyable pace. For us, we started quite […]

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Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

If you ever want to escape from the madness of the GTA, and just enjoy nature for a day, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is the place to go. There are many many trails in this park so the length you spend there will depend on which trail you take. The problem that Sam and I […]

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